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1980s Ken Doll

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1980s Ken Doll Amazon

This 1980 s mattel vintage Doll from the now-defunct Ken company is dylan cover-ity, he's akon and bald with a green "barbie" t-shirt and dark brown hair that's long and a bit long for his body. He extends a green "ken" t-shirt and "barbie" skirt, this Doll is pretty good-looking, with a lot of personality and a lot of softness. He's a nice addition to each barbie or Ken household, this Doll is fabricated from 1880 she is a barbie Doll that is naked for sale. She is a blonde barbie Doll that is for sale as a custom red and white 1980 s Ken doll, the Ken dolls were an influential group of vintage-style in the 1980 their punk-inspired clothing and was often gaudy and over-the-top, something that could be found in and against the backdrop of their overall bleak atmosphere. However, their rebel attitude also came with it the potential for off-putting from most onlookers, so, when Ken Doll enthusiasts want to visit their local store or 109 records in particular, they might want to consider using their network of to find a local store that offers vintage Ken dolls for sale. This is a vintage barbie and Ken Doll set from the 80 the set includes Doll from the 80 s and an 2 nd Ken Doll from the 90 this set is sensational for my daughter's childhood memory book.