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2017 Holiday Barbie Doll

Iso: the 2022 Holiday day Doll is a collectable for the special family of Barbie trumpeters, this Barbie is a collectable and a collector at the same time, with her beautiful design and happy personality. She'll be a hit with because she's a part of the Holiday season.

Barbie Doll 2017

This 2022 mattel Barbie 2022 Holiday Doll blonde is brand new in box and extends never been used before, she is a red dress and her hair is styled into a many locks of blonde hair. She imparts a heart-shaped face with round eyes and a figure that is brick-sized, she is a long white dress with an and a small green bow in her hair. The 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll will be 6 times bigger and more beautiful than the one that collected in 2022, this Doll will have a number of new features, including a big headrest, adjustable shoulder straps, and a pneumatic choice for the low price of $249. This edition of the Barbie is sure to be a hit with all your Barbie fans! The teresa Doll is a beautiful blonde with a red dress, this Doll is damaged and provides some minor damage to the dress. The Doll is in excellent condition and is a top-grade addition to your retail store, the 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll mattel red dress is a best-in-class collectable item. This blonde Barbie Doll is about 20" tall, with a small town look and feel, she offers a comfortable fit for a Barbie Doll and is well-made with high quality materials. This product is a good buy at $14.