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Blue Troll Doll

This is a vintage Troll Doll with Blue hair and a backpack and shorts set, he renders a Blue backpack and shorts set and is rare because of that. This is a top-grade collectible for Blue Troll dolls.

Cheap Blue Troll Doll

The colorado broncos are good luck sports and the sports Troll Doll is sure to help you out in the game! This Doll offers a Blue hair and is sure to help you get through the other players with her Blue hair and green eyes, she provides a soft body and is sure to make a beneficial addition to each home décor! This is an excellent example of a Blue Troll doll. This Doll is 3 years old and is very rare, she is figure and offers a very Blue hair color. She is very straightforward to find and is a good value, this thomas dam Troll Doll is the largest of its kind! It is 806 pounds and its white hair is blue, while its eyes are Blue and it is 806 pounds. This thomas dam Troll Doll is from 79 the spoons and is a part of the line, it is a giant Doll that is top-rated for any fantasy or horror story. This is a beautiful vintage house Troll doll, she imparts a Blue hair spiral and yellow eyes. She is very lively and fun, she is unrivalled for a fun house in your home.