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Chatty Cathy Doll

This excellent Chatty Cathy Doll from vintage mattel is a peach! She gives a beneficial figure and freckles and a dress, this is an unequaled addition to home decor.

Chatty Kathy Doll

This Chatty kathy Doll is a little bit of a Chatty person, she'll be Chatty with you, but don't be too much. She's not going to be able to talk too much, her favorite things include being Chatty with you and being blue. This 1960 mattel Chatty Cathy Doll is all business in every way, she'smeticulously nice in body and head with a nice brown hair on top. In addition to her Chatty personality, this Cathy provides a nice soft head and is ready to have some fun, this Chatty Cathy Doll is worth a mention because she's animate and also is quite colorful. She's got brown eyes and dress red, this mattel Chatty Cathy Doll is a beautiful Doll that is sensational for any home collection. With her bright, sunny personality, she's sure to br joy to your home, her high-quality features make her a top-notch addition to all collection. From the mattel team, no matter what your collection contains.