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Donald Trump Voodoo Doll

This 7, 9 inch Donald Trump Voodoo Doll pin holder is puissant for holding trump's pesky Voodoo Doll head! It is moreover 3. 8 inches in round head with stain finish and top grade for holding the doll's head.

Donald Trump Voodoo Doll Ebay

This delicious Donald Doll set is filled with ornaments and oracular symbols - from Voodoo Doll hands to the so-called "wake up" Doll that for $49, it's pretty much what you would expect from trump, assuming that wanting for a miscellaneous item on the list that's not something you would expect to see in a christmas or easter gift. However, the and at the top of their game to think that the "issuer of fat cat solutions' is a little too cool for school, Donald Trump is back and he's with his Voodoo doll! This is the all-new, complete, yellow 5" statue of Donald Trump with red tie, wild yellow yarn hair and pins. Hart of suit and all, this is a must-have for any Trump lover! This pin holder is sensational for an admirer that wants to keep their trump-inspired pins close by. It is produced of durable plastic and provides a small head that makes it uncomplicated to hold your president-elect's-style pin, the pin holder is moreover stainless steel for extra durability. This pin holder is prime for holding Donald trump's 7, 9 inch pin. This pin holder is 0, 24 inch in round head and features his perfect, modern face with his big smile. It is first-rate for days when you need to store away any Trump memorabilia you may have and also when you want to show off some money to show how much you desire the Trump campaign.