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Gerber Baby Doll

This vintage Gerber Baby Doll with googly flirty eyes is a must-have for any Gerber Baby Doll fan! This unrivaled buy can be placed on your desk or table and will add a touch of elegance to all home scene.

Gerber Baby Dolls

The Gerber Baby Doll is an 1994 toy biz Doll that presents 3 problems, she is created by americana products. This Gerber Baby Doll is a beautiful and childhood favorite! This Doll is in outstanding condition with only one small nick in the middle of her chest (which is normal for a young girl's body), she is a small amount of wear and like most dolls in its age this Gerber Baby Doll will be an excellent addition to home add-ons! This Gerber Baby Doll is a sensational surrogate to add some appreciate and care to your child's life. This Doll is manufactured of bananas and offers a Gerber sign on her chest, she is very soft and boutique looking. She is first-rate for consideration as a surrogate to give extra adore and care to your child, this Gerber Baby Doll from 1979 atlanta novelty nib is a first-class addition to your vintage Gerber line of Baby dolls. She is wore and documented with her case number on her back panel and her van design, the Baby Doll is about 17 inches tall and provides a very small amount of blood staining her body. She is manufactured of high quality cloth and is very soft and comfortable to hold, this Gerber Baby Doll is a fantastic value for your vintage Gerber line of Baby dolls.