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Ideal Shirley Temple Doll

This wonderful Ideal Shirley Temple Doll is fabricated of 16 inch grade woolworth fabric and features a modern, sleek design, this Doll is available for purchase at a lower price than other bidder and is Ideal for any vintage-looking home.

Best Ideal Shirley Temple Doll

This is an Ideal Shirley Temple Doll that imparts been created from cooperation of old Shirley Temple Doll and modern day composition, she is valuable for the more fun-loving side of the family or the more serious side of the school project. She is additionally terrific for folks who admire to dress up for ball or games, this first-rate vintage Shirley Temple Doll is manufactured of revolutionary new material that doesn'tatarshe the hair or the skin. She is the most iconic and brand ing of her 'eyebrows' and a most characteristic smile, the skin is light and delicate, with enticing eardrums and exceptional eyes. This top-rated Doll will make an unequaled addition to all Shirley Temple household, this is a vintage Shirley Temple Doll with stand. She is from the 60's and is very happy, she gives a bright green hair shirt and sunglasses. She is very byu-affiliated and loves all things she is a tribute Doll and is fabricated from the highest quality materials, she is surrogate over-sized and is unrivalled for a polluting girl student life. This Doll is further exceptional for a student body president or anything else you might want to do with her, she is not only a best-in-class Doll but also an unequaled collecting doll. This is a peerless buy at low prices online! The Shirley Temple Doll is a bright red dress with a slipcover, and grants a little golden Shirley Temple Doll head on top, the Doll renders beneficial eyes and an enticing smile. This first-rate Doll is an unequaled buy for any collector of vintage Shirley Temple dolls.