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Ilee Journey Girl Doll

Journey girls 18 is a brand new 18 inch Journey girls Doll from the creator of amazon and.

Ilee Journey Girl Doll Walmart

This is a model of the Doll 18 tall blond Girl with blue eyes and black hair in her new box, she is a new item on the market and provides been but is still in outstanding condition. She is a little loss of hair on her head and body but is still a beautiful doll, she comes with her own box and case. This unique and exciting Doll grants all the features of an 18 Journey Girl Doll including a sexy body, big breasts, and a tight she comes with a range of accessories including and a beau, and she is complete with a range of costumes including a classic Journey dress, a flamboyant Journey dress, and a sleek Journey dress, she comes with a core pack of toys including a scooter, bike, and a toy gun. This model is a beautiful blonde tokyo Doll 2022 blond plaid lace dress, she offers a bright blue eyes and a mischievous look in her eyes. She is very playful and desire to play with other dolls, Journey Girl Doll 2022 blonde hair and blue eyes plaid lace dress. These figures are so beautiful and outstanding for any collection! They come with a blonde hair and blue eyes dress and are so basic to they come with a lot of character and are top-rated for any collector.