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Japanese Doll Display Case

This is a splendid opportunity to own an original and finish Case for your japan-based online store, this cases protect your geisha girls dolls and Case also features a beautiful glass Display Case for displaying your products. This Case is a splendid substitute to show off your geisha girl Doll collection and make customers feel at home.

Japanese Doll Case Display

This is a beautiful vintage Japanese geisha Doll in glass Case Display Case with 16 dolls including 19 cases, the Case is manufactured of wood and presents a beautiful, antique look to it. It is an outstanding addition to each room! This Japanese Doll Case is an exceptional addition to each home office or bedroom, the Case is beautiful Display Case with beautiful geisha dolls in nixon look-alike frames. The cases are terrific for your dolls and items that travel, we have a variety of cases for your dolls to choose from. This is a vintage miniaturized Japanese geisha Doll with a glass Display case, the Doll is about 60 inches long and 38 inches wide, and is from the 1940 s or 1950 it is in excellent condition with no breaks, tears, or any other significant issues. This beautiful Display Case is sensational for holding all of the memories of your old geisha doll, the cases are made of soft, high-quality glass and are just the right size for storing all of your dolls.