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Jojo My Life Doll

This 18 inch Life Doll is top-of-the-line for expressing your inner most feeling! More shapes and colors make this Life doll's Life even more complete, My Life as Jojo siwa 18 Doll is a peerless surrogate to show your grove on for and are sure to make a statement in any setting.

Jojo Siwa My Life Dolls

This siwa Doll is an excellent addition to your life! With her bright colors and comfortable shape, she will make your Life a whole lot easier, this Jojo siwa Doll imparts a whole lot of personality, and she will make you laugh and smile every time you see her. She is sure to make your days and nights a lot easier, and she is unequaled for you want! This 18 inch Jojo siwa Doll is in excellent condition with no removable parts, it is fabricated from high-quality materials and grants a top-rated sound quality. She is a sensational addition to your playroom or bedroom, this 18-inch Doll grants blonde hair that is shoulder-length and flows down her chest and into her stomach. The Doll also gives a white cotton shirt and blue jeans, the Doll is a blue holding case with a blue jojo. At 18, i am your commoner, seeking only to be loved and noticed, i dress like a Jojo siwa pop star doll, with My long and bright red hair up in a bun. I wear My day-to-day activities as part of the everyday Life of a pop star, My jackets and furs are the olson of fashion, and i wear them to show My grove on of fashion and high fashion. I also have a jean jacket and a pair of trousers that i wear on and off stage, i have a suite of clothes that i use to wear on and off stage, to make me feel like a real star. My Life is a mess, but i try to just living it to be like.