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Boy Dolls

Introducing the ever-so-weirdly named 20 lifelike reborn baby doll! This new version of the world's best-selling baby doll is now as lifelike as a baby can be, with a gorgeous, wide-open face and big, happy eyes, with her real-life family and friends around her, life as a baby Boy is just what you need.

Baby Boy Doll

This is a splendid newborn Boy doll that will add some admire and care to your home, levi is a grandson of the body-on-body dollmaker and is produced with enjoyment and accuracy from the start. He starts his life with a soft and start to his day, with his soft, jizhi-20 body-on-body dollmaking career on the rise, he's a living, breathing reminder of the amplitude and accuracy that is body-on-body dolls as a whole. The cabbage patch kids Boy doll is very rare and is only one of a few choices for a play-along doll for boys, this model offers green eyes and lemon hair. This model is play-lisher pa-1, and is fabricated in 2004, the cabbage patch kids Boy doll is an unrivaled alternative for boys who are into play-alongs. He’s practical for hours of fun and is very facile to care for, the cabbage patch kids Boy doll is in like manner a beneficial alternative for boys who crave to shop the cabbage patch kids Boy doll 2004 pa-1 green eyes lemon hair play-along. The cabbage patch kids Boy doll is a fantastic way for boys who yearn to try out a new toy this holiday season, he’s top grade for kids who are into play-alongs and is very facile to care for. The cabbage patch this is a beautiful baby Boy dolls by artist angela sutter, he is very soft and cozy, with a little girl twin dolls around his neck. His eyes are blue and his hair is very curly and wild, you will be sure to appreciate him! This is a realistic african american newborn Boy baby doll. He is a life-like anatomically correct baby doll and would make a first-class addition to your family, this Boy doll is manufactured from high quality materials and is manufactured to look like he is real, african american. He is machine-made to look like he is real, african american and is fabricated of the most high quality materials.