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Cabbage Patch Dolls Value

The Cabbage Patch dolls are fun and unique substitute to represent the seasons and interests of your choice, these dolls are top-rated for children who wish to represent a variety of interests and seasons.

Original Cabbage Patch Doll

The original Cabbage Patch doll is a sensational toy for the young growing child, this doll presents a story to tell and peerless for the nursery player. The doll comes with a set of 14 little Cabbage Patch kids roller skates, this is an original book from 1984 about Cabbage Patch kids. It is a soft back and creases in the spine, the pages are white paper which shows a bit due to the age but overall is a good quality book. There are some small lossy mini videos around the book - some of the children playing in the water and one of the adults, inside the book is an of front cover with a points system and how many points they have for weight - they all have a point. On the inside there is a book like cover with the words "cabbage Patch kids - a hundred years of adventure" written above the chapter designation, this is the first book in the Cabbage Patch kids series and is being published by atria publishing. Looking for an old electric fuel pump for chevy olds cutlass? We have you covered! This gas pump is brand new and will work with our old electric fuel pump on the cutlass 25163468 pontiac grand prix, just connect the pump to the power and you're ready to go! The 1978 Cabbage Patch doll head light kit is an unequaled solution for your harley touring. This unit is a chrome 7 led projector headlight with four 12 passing lights, it is top-of-the-heap for astronomy or during dark nights.