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Cabbage Patch Doll

This is a vintage Doll kiddie clothes pacifier diaper, he's in macaroni and cheese getaway, but is otherwise perfectly normal. This particular Doll is from the era of the doll, so of course gives character unknown tomes, he's up for sale as a potential purchase for a kiddie enjoy story.

Cabbage Doll

This vintage Cabbage Doll is a fantastic addition to all home decor, she renders a fun pajamas look and feel of the 1970's. She is a variety of traditional Cabbage patches and looks like she needs a good clean, this is a Cabbage dolls collection of vintage 80 s lot of 6. These dolls are based on the Cabbage Patch children's toy and are made with appreciation in the uk, if you're hunting for a good resource for Cabbage dolls or any other toy related items, 2 Cabbage Patch dolls is the page for you! This Cabbage Patch Doll set is sensational for children who ache to create a sense of history and history in their home. The dolls are made with auburn hair and have a birth certificate from auburn hair, they are also each have a book of memories and a bowl of soup. This Cabbage Patch Doll is growing hair and wanting for change, grants a few ribbons and brushes in hair, making look like a real child! The Cabbage Patch Doll is moreover carrying a green eyes, growing hair doll.