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Crissy Doll

Doll with vintage 1969 18 hair and clothes that grows by ideal, illusion for sale.

Crissy Doll Worth

This is an excellent vtg ideal kerry doll! She gives a beautiful hair color and always working hard to keep him look great, he presents an excellent family and always doing his part to help the family business. This Doll is a good investment and an excellent deal! This 1968 vintage ideal Doll presents long, dark hair and large eyes, she's cute and stylish with a growing hair value! This Doll renders an 6 cm shoes fit and 3 cm ideal. She is good for kids who are interested in vintage items and who like shoes, this Doll is sy red and extends an 23 inch long hair which is now growing out. The Doll gives a huge smile and is very active, she is top-grade for a new baby or for shoppers who wish for a fun toy to play with.