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Frozen Charlotte Dolls

Dolls is an unique opportunity to purchase original miniatures from the 1930's - 1950's only through our german customer service, you can find these dolls in any major german department store, or online at sites like ebay, ebay guarantees that the doll is well-made and in unequaled condition. Out for this rue opportunity to purchase miniature versions of my favorite characters in time for christmas! Thank you for considering me as your surrogate for this favorite product.

Antique Frozen Charlotte Doll

Antique bisque doll lot of

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. Red B/g Marked Japan.

Lot of 5 Bisque Frozen

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In Original Box

Vintage Set of 7 Frozen

By Frozen Charlottte


Frozen Charlotte Dolls Ebay

This little Frozen Charlotte doll is from a serial number 2 e6 d and is from germany, it is a bisque doll and is produced from high-quality materials. This doll is delicate and is probably going to be a little warm to the touch, so take off your clothes if you plan on using this doll in the living room, if you're interested in this doll or any of the other Frozen Charlotte models on this be sure to evaluate the website's about page. This is a lot of 4 vintage bisque Frozen Charlotte type mini dolls from germany, the dolls are type mini and are from the era of the bisque dolls. They are lot of 4 and have 4 different paint jobs, some have Charlotte tea towels down their spine, others have ice cream on their forehead. All of the bisque dolls are made of very soft pla plastic, they are about 1. 5 inch tall and have white hair and green eyes, this is an exceptional deal on a vintage porcelain bisque boy Frozen Charlotte charlie 3 japan penny doll. This toy is Frozen and hunting very old-fashioned, with a soft, warm feel and a first-class range of sounds, it's a sensational addition to mistress or elementary school student's collection. This is a Frozen Charlotte dolls miniature set, it is an 6-pack and contains six miniature dolls of the character ice queen from the movie each doll is articulated and renders her own individual dress and character accessories. This set is exceptional for a person interested in the movie and wants to add a little excitement to their home life.