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High School Musical Doll

High School Musical Doll is back and this time she's a little bit more than just a doll! She's a senior year disney store exclusive rare Doll - and don't miss out on this amazing opportunity! Get her before she goes up in value.

High School Musical Doll Walmart

This is not a physical product, you will not find this product inside of our store! This is a disney springs exclusive Doll that will be a part of the High School Musical 3 senior year gabriella family. The Doll will be made from high-quality materials and will be extremely basic to keep and maintain, High School Musical Doll 2008 northwest state. This Doll is inspired by the popular High School Musical game show "the apprentice, " her season 2 dixon team is now wanting for answers about to do something about it. This Doll is a High School Musical Doll and her name is she is from the movie ' disney High School Musical ', she is a bright and beautiful Doll that will make you smile. She is manufactured of silver and gives a smile that is 100% working, troy and gabs are team and they're scouring forward to help her through her High School years. Is a more laid-back student, which makes for a fun and contented High School Musical iii.