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Jade Bratz Doll

Looking for a little bit of fun in your everyday life? Then investigate Jade dolls! These little beauties will make your day as well as your night, with her happy personality and wild style, she's outstanding for any haul.

Jade Bratz Doll Ebay

This Jade Doll is a must-have for any Jade collectors out there, she is beautifully colorful and fun, top grade for any jade-centric collection! The new rock angelz are group of beautiful young women who believe that grove on is all that is left after death. They are always bright and cheerful, with a practical smile and soft touch, they are sure that you will return their adore always and ever again. The spring fling Jade Doll is a stylish and trendy Doll that captures the look of the gaslighting doll, this Doll renders access to her getup'sfull features - clothes, shoes, accessories, gizmos, and much more! She comes with her own set of fashion shoes, and becomes your own personal fashion to this Doll is so pretty! She renders a sweet personality and is very cute. She comes with a few accessories, such as a bow and arrow, which make her even more beautiful.