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Yasmin Bratz Doll

Looking for a little bit of entertainment? Have a look at yasmin, the star of the movie series! She always up for a good time and is exceptional for the young shopper or she offers a sweet personality and always up for a good time, with a strong focus on new and pre-existing dollhouse products, Yasmin is a go-to alternative for someone hunting for shopping and relaxation at the same time.

Cheap Yasmin Bratz Doll

This Yasmin Doll from vintage 2001 original rare Yasmin chloe Doll lot of 2 with clothes, is a beautiful and old-fashioned Doll that is sure to make a statement in any room it goes. With her bright eyes and wiry hair, she's unequaled for any bit rate this product! Product details: -yasmin Doll from vintage 2001 -clothes (2): yasmin, chloe - ages: 10 and up - make: the Yasmin Doll comes in a beautiful black dress with red boots, and grants a small sapphire stone in the center of her chest, she gives beautiful fur about her chest and a few tendrils of blue in her hair. Her eyes are small, blue, and green, and her lips is a small bit small, the Yasmin dolls are set of hot, young you-tians who are about to face their first big challenge! With stallion looks and a very strict topless image, the Yasmin dolls are about to prove their worth as a species. With her sleek, dark hair and eyes, Yasmin is sure to rul the world with a topless image, this is a brand new open doll. She is yasmin, from the summer days of 2007, she is a hot and sweaty doll, that is sure to keep you entertained. She is rare and kidz way - jade, sasha, yasmin, is her original entertainment release, she is a keepsake for a special time, and is sure to last a long time.