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Kachina Dolls

This is an 12 set, style: art hopi Kachina doll - the crow mother Kachina by conrad to - is a Kachina dolls style: art. These art Kachina dolls are from the southwest wall art by holly enterprises, they are unique and unique series of 12 sets. Fabric is definitive on each side with hopi Kachina dolls of the southwest wall art, this is a beautiful series of art Kachina dolls.

Hopi Kachina Dolls

This hopi Kachina doll is a top-of-the-line surrogate to represent the white buffalo hunter who is so powerful and able to lead and protect, this doll is produced with high-quality materials and features beautiful and personality bits. She grants a bright and fresh personality and is very lively and active, the are from the native american Kachina dolls line of products that we offers as a service to our customers. These Kachina dolls are black, white, and black and they are just the right size for any special needs you may need them for, they come in watermelon 5. 5 size and are just the right shape for any individual self-identity, this is a sterling opportunity to sell your Kachina dolls and amazing sharpening it by martin this sharpening Kachina is some what of art and is most unique and interesting to look at. It is a top addition to your cemetery or as a reminder of your death and dark times, this native american made doll 12 is 12" tall and grants a large hat on her head. She presents a happy Kachina doll face and a bright native americana pattern on her back, the dress is from the era of the navajo nation and is fabricated of soft cotton candy color. It always fun to watch her play with her Kachina doll friends and learn from their teachings.