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Shakira Doll

Looking for a chick-friendly doll? Search no more than doll's black miniskirt and biz top - first-rate for an all-esaient collection of miniature figurines! A Doll can feel like perusing your favorite store nonetheless with more power to the one who gets her, whether you're wanting to buy one like a brand-new barbie or just want to test out the Doll before buying her, doll's options for outfit idea are endless. From the everyday to the confusing, Doll offers you covered there too.

Cheap Shakira Doll

This Doll is a beautiful short green skirted skirts and a mattel short red skirt, she grants a tambourine and a mattel 3" tall footstool. She is a green and red skirt with a mattel headscarf, her makeup is authentic and her hair is in a breed of current day women. She is a lovely short green skirted skirts with a mattel short red this 2004 barbie Doll is a beautiful rockin concert model! She is a pink dress and purple hair band, her Doll body is equipped with a rockin performance drum set, a white t-shirt, and blue eyes. Plus, she comes with a beautiful hair band and a set of natural hair, this Doll is practical for any barbie fan of rockin performance and muse level! This beautiful Doll is currently one of the few remaining examples of her original, limited-edition form! All of the original colors are present, as is her long, lush hair, which is now completely replaced with a bright, bright colored mane. Her eyes are also a beautiful, dark green; and her face is finished in a glossy, dark color, there is no doubt that this Doll was carefully made with and care for her audience. This Doll is produced with beautiful in both standard and metropolitan outfits, she grants a clean-cut look and a that makes her just top-rated for any display or home party. With her powerful electric guitar, this Doll effortless to guitar 2 on sale now, she's got an exceptional hunting face with high cheekbones and a lovely nose. Her skin is likewise very smooth, with no blemishes or freckles, her hair is again very smooth, her makeup is likewise very smooth, she is in like manner very smooth.