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Skipper Doll

The vintage sunburst malibu Skipper Doll is a beautiful Doll that is fabricated from bendable legs and a vintage-inspired dress, this Doll is outstanding for the young shopper in your life. She is available for purchase at the bendable dolls store today.

Original Skipper Doll

This is a very original Skipper Doll that was created by japan's own, the platinum blonde hair oss, she offers a straight leg and is very pretty in her white platinum hair outfit. She is furthermore slightly marilyn monroe-y in her small size which is top for a Doll that is meant to be played with and played with, this vintage Skipper barbie Doll baby Skipper bday support stand is splendid for taking care of your little one's. The stylish pink bunny outfit makes this stand extra soft and comfortable for your little one to sit in, finally, your little one can be sure to be loved by their little one's. This is a first-class vintage Skipper Doll with a blonde skin, she is in a highly nude form and presents a fantastic body. She is an enticing asset to your barbies or Doll house operations! This Doll is a classic! She offers a straight leg Skipper Doll friend Doll body and a blonde hair color, she is about your average barbie Doll size. She extends a small head size, she is brand new in the market for a modern barbie Doll player.