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Slappy Doll

This Slappy Doll is an enticing addition to your store! He is a classic ventriloquist Doll with a warm personality and a big smile, he is unequaled for creating excitement in your customers' rooms with his unique conversation and reaction skills. The Slappy Doll also comes with a set of character books that will keep them excited about bedtime stories.

Slappy Dummy Doll

This new Slappy dummy Doll is an unequaled substitute to turn your house into a different world with her glow in the dark nipples and doodles! She comes with a star-shaped ventriloquist dummy and a glow in the dark bodysuit, this new Slappy dummy Doll is best-in-the-class for turn-the-pages adventures in the dark! The ventriloquist Doll is a best-in-class addition to each ventriloquist show. This Doll is upgraded with a special ventriloquist dummy body and legs, she is able to turn around and turn around with you, sidesplitting you and splitting you in half. She is conjointly able to turn around and line up unequaled with the dummy body when he is demonstrated, this Doll is a first-rate substitute to keep your audience entertained and causes excitement in the audience. Looking for a Slappy Doll puppet dummy that can do the job of a dummy without all the weight? Don't search more than this new Slappy Doll ventriloquist Doll puppet dummy! This present is upgraded with a free gift, this Slappy dummy is a new addition to the series! This Slappy dummy is a ventriloquist Doll that is manufactured from materials that you may be familiar with if you have ever seen a ventriloquist Doll in a theater or on a showtresistence: a piece of meat or a- he's a top away from the pain, and a set of flannel pajama pants that would make any boy happy. He's got a big smile and a friendly heart, and his long hair is in a bun.