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Teddy Ruxpin Doll

The Teddy dolls are sterling addition to all christmas decor, this model is available in a career outfit (and lots of different colors! ) for enthusiasts who desiderate to show their picket line with a touch of class. Plus, with the help of our customer support team you can be sure to find the Teddy Doll you've always wanted.

Best Teddy Ruxpin Doll

This is a delicious Teddy Doll from 1985! This beautiful Doll is still in the condition that is seen in the images! She is a smile and a dress, and also extends a key ring on her waist, the Doll is further very colorful and enjoyable, and is terrific for an use as a piece of art or toy! Be sure to check this Doll out! This Teddy Doll 1985 is a top-grade choice to promote and sell your products or services. The Doll can be used to promote and sell your products or services, the Doll can also be used as a prop in a production. This is a vintage toy bear Doll that was created by Teddy in 1985, he was a player in the world of wonder from 1985 to 1990. This Doll is tested in world of wonder and is outstanding for the small $10 purchase, this is a Teddy toy bear Doll that plays "take down" and "put up". It needs a battery cover to work, so it's not really a toy, it is fabricated from plastic and imparts a "teddy" logo on the front.