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Woody Doll

This toy box with the talking 15 dolls is an unequaled gift for someone who loves the movie toy story, the box is colorful and provides a comfortable fit for the children or adults who receive it. The toys inside are all from the movie, and make a practical addition to home, this toy box is likewise a beneficial substitute to get involved in the toy industry and bring toy to the toy box region.

Woody Doll Toy Story

The sheriff Woody Doll toy story comes in 14 different colors and is produced to play with, he presents a big, big head and is produced to be playful and aggressive. Whether being chased by the sheriff in his long, long drawn out speech, or simply daydreaming away in his own world, this Woody Doll toy story is something you'll love, this Woody Doll is an amazing addition to your toy room! She loves to talk, and you can see her excitement as she looks forward to play with you. This Doll provides an exceptional personality, and is new in box, the Woody Doll is a toy that is used in the movie "toy story" by the sheriff to chase away the apple thief. She is fabricated of wood and extends a conversations hoodie, but does not work with a hair dryer, this Woody Doll is a top-rated addition to toy room. Her high-quality materials and construction make her a true Woody doll, she provides a rich woodsy flavor with all the sayings from the toy story series. Her strong and sturdy structure makes her an unequaled toy for any room, of course, she can always take a break after playing.