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Victorian Dolls

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Victorian Porcelain Doll

Victorian Porcelain Doll

By Unbranded


Ashton Drake,

Ashton Drake, "Melissa," Victorian Vanity,

By The Ashton-Drake Galleries


2000 NEW - Special Edition VICTORIAN ICE SKATER Barbie Doll
Marigold Antique Repro Victorian Doll

Marigold Antique Repro Victorian Doll

By Victorian trading co



victorian porcelain dolls collectible

By Collectible Memories


Madame Alexander Doll 8

Madame Alexander Doll 8" Innocent

By Madame Alexander






2004 Popular Creations Victorian Tassel Doll & Stand TD181

2004 Popular Creations Victorian Tassel

By Popular Creations


Victorian Dolls Amazon

This beautiful barbie doll is new in the winter issue of the mattel company, she is a beautiful and elegant woman with a head and long black hair. She is very stylish with a very victorian-inspired headgear and fur coat, her bagpipes and white lace gloves set her apart from other barbie dolls in her series. This barbie doll is excellent for a fun and imaginative child's home base, this mattel Victorian ice skater special edition 2000 barbie doll provides a stylish black and white image of an ice skater a violet dress and black lace gloves. The face extends been released into the present day and is smilingly against a white background, there are 50 other mattel Victorian ice skater special edition 2000 barbie dolls available, each with a different image of the figure. This vintage barbie doll with a cedric bear is a top-rated addition to your barbie store, this doll is fabricated with high-quality materials and comes with a variety of features to make you and your barbie feel special. This doll is sure to make your barbie store look like an old world site! This endeavor is for you! What do you appreciate most about dolls? They are your best friend, your confidante, and the thing you all always wanted in a family, these french bebe bru dolls were created in the 1920 s by franklin heirloom to represent the appreciate and companionship of a Victorian woman. They are delicate, and come with a built in coffin doll developed with appreciation by the heirloom line, this endeavor is a best-in-class surrogate to enjoy french bebe bru dolls in all their many styles.