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1968 Ken Barbie Doll

This 1968 mattel Barbie Ken Doll offers all the clothes on and is very beautiful! It is a real collectors item.

Mattel Ken Doll 1968

This mattel Ken Barbie Doll from 1968 is evidence that time-before ken, there was an other Ken Barbie Doll with the same name but different clothes and hair, this one presents brown clothes and long rooted hair, while the other one is a more lowly bobbed hairless head. They both come with blue eyes and a set of brown clothes, this 1968 Ken Barbie Doll is a brown molded hair, blue eyes, and mattel 1968 version of her. She is a little bit big on him, with a little bit of a hugeness to her, she presents a good body presence and is a little bit kooky. This Doll is a good value at $140, this is an 1968 Ken Barbie Doll from the hong kong toy store kfc. The Doll is bendable legs and a hair band that can be pulled in any direction, the Doll also extends a hair brush and a Ken Barbie head with a human face. This is a top-notch opportunity to get an 2 nd hand Doll of Barbie Ken herself! This Barbie Ken Doll from 1968 is in excellent condition and is top for the body or the heart! He is very small and is not recommended for someone in the top body weight range, but he is still a terrific toy for fun! This toy is a first-rate deal at $2.