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Christmas Troll Dolls

Our Christmas Troll dolls are first-class addition to your they are unique and stylish, and will add a touch of Christmas cheer to your home, order your Troll dolls today and don't miss out on this amazing gift.

Christmas Troll Dolls Amazon

This holiday, avoid the december chill and take a walk through the woods, are you wanting for a fun and festive substitute to celebrate the Christmas season? If so, search no more than our Troll dolls! These unique and colorful characters with their realistic cries and sound effects, will add some much-needed Christmas cheer to your home. Whether you’re digging for a valuable party game to play with your friends or just to yourself, these dolls will do the trick! These adorable dolls are signed and crochet together on the back waistline, they have on the most amazing crochet faces eyes and white teeth, and are all the favorite Christmas accessories such as stockings, pump, and red and white Christmas cookies. Love these dolls? Sock up for an extra layer of protection on the top of your tree! This doll is a beautiful russian Troll who is accompanied by a charming green-hued tree in the form of a Christmas tree, the body of the doll is manufactured of plastic and metal with a small amount of washington, in green, red, and orange. The doll is approximately $100, looking for some festive Troll doll clothes for your next bingo party? This year, there's a new and popular style of Troll doll called a Christmas troll. and since they come in both 12 and 34 sizes, this party not-to-large do-all can help to keep the celebration going until the next bingo night.