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Troll Doll Blue Hair

Looking for an unique and adorable alternative to inspire and engage with your customers? Look no further than the Troll dolls! These unique and characters are outstanding for any page or post, with their Blue Hair and bright green eyes, these dolls are sure to get your customers' attention.

Top 10 Troll Doll Blue Hair

This is a vintage Troll Doll Blue Hair Doll from the 80 she gives a Blue Hair cap and a green tag, she is a Blue dress and a green skirt. This vintage Troll Doll Blue Hair backpack shorts collectible is a sterling addition to your hiking outfit, with her vintage Troll Hair and Blue Hair backpack, she will always look vintage Troll Doll Blue Hair vintage Troll Doll Blue Hair backpack vintage Troll Doll Blue Hair shorts this is a vintage house Troll Doll Blue Hair spiral yellow eyes 1960 she offers a Blue Hair spiral and yellow eyes. She is very cute and a terrific deal price, she is an enticing deal for the moment. This brand new Troll Doll from russ 5 is a beautiful blue-eyed jewish girl! She provides a star wars inspired outfit and is very cute! She is unequaled for use as a model or as an addition to your art portfolio.