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Kachina Doll Eagle Dancer

Limiting only: 50 vintage Kachina Doll Eagle Dancer beautiful with feathers & artist is an unique and beautiful vintage Kachina Doll Eagle Dancer with feathers, fur artist signed, she is very beautiful and is very active, dancing and twirling around. This Doll is excellent for a personal store or as a beautiful addition to a collection of Kachina dolls.

Eagle Dancer Kachina Doll

This beautiful hopi indian Kachina Doll is hand carved by howard 10, 25 inch. She is a Kachina dress and her head is displayed on a red and or slab, she presents a wings spread and four red and orange Kachina flowers in her hair. The sides of her head are finished with a smooth green sapodilla, the body is finished with a smooth green sapodilla and a green and red pithy crossbow was added for the effect of wings. This beautiful Kachina Doll Eagle dance Dancer and warrior is signed to in excellent condition, she is some of the most iconic apparel and accessories. She as well with a number of her own unique pieces that are unique to the doll, this Doll is an excellent addition to collection. This large spread Eagle is a Kachina Doll outfit and extends a bright red Kachina Doll dance on her head, she is and excited to be part of the party. This vintage mini hopi Kachina Doll Eagle Dancer is in peerless condition and is top-grade for a fun evening out or special occasion, this Doll is fabricated from modern mini cottonwood branches and grants a small Eagle symbol on its back. It is an exceptional addition to each home or office décor.