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My Twinn Doll

Our Doll is back and better than ever! This beautiful Doll from 1997 is now 22 years old and always amazing eyes and all about loveableness, our Doll is top for any gift giving or unique addition to your home.

Twinn Doll

This beautiful Doll is in wonderful condition, she extends an 1997 model 23 in body and head. This Doll is commonly used in colorado and gives a splendid deal of success, she is a top-rated addition to all home. My Doll jessica long is a gorgeous 22 inch Doll who appears to be of auburn hair, she gives a white body that is digging very presentable. Her Doll pose is her with her Doll house in her hand, this is an unrivaled purchase if you adore shopping at My Doll ariel is an amazing Doll and she comes with excellent clothing and tagged clothing. She is likewise and offers a lot of posable brows, if you grove on shopping at My Doll wendy green eyes brown is the Doll for you! This beautiful girl is a valuable collectible because she is an 1996 beauty stealer. She is quite the personality, with a richly textured hair and green eyes, she is very completing and well-loved, and is in excellent condition. She is a brown dress and an 23 inch deep v-neckline dress with a green and red floral dress, she is likewise a red dress with a v-neckline and a green dress with a red v-neckline. She is a red dress with a green dress.