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Sailor Moon Dolls

Sailor Moon is back and he's a little bit more impatient than ever! This deluxe adventure doll is excellent for shoppers who admire to shop and explore, she imparts a red hair and a happy go-lucky personality, just like her! This doll is exceptional for a special occasion, or for that special friend.

Sailor Moon Dolls 1995

This is an exceptional opportunity to purchase a piece of history and history's worth, these dolls were created by the legendary Sailor Moon team and are some of the most popular of all time. With so many years of history behind them, the dolls will and to create a special place in any Moon lover's heart, this wonderful vintage Sailor Moon serena irwin toys deluxe adventure doll 11. 5 2000 is a wonderful addition to home collection, this doll is manufactured of high-quality plastic and grants a nice style design. She extends a strong, supportive body and is very comfortable to move around, she is furthermore very colorful and colorful, with many different patterns and colors. Her hair is conjointly very colorful and vibrant, making her a top-rated addition to each doll collection, this is a wonderful vintage Sailor Moon dolls herself and her little brother, mint in a rare yellow box, with an irwin toys it in the back. This is a top-rated deal for the individual! This unique and unique toy line from japan provides got to be the most exciting and exciting dolls line you will ever see! and she is a splendid addition to your lifestyle! This anime-inspired action figure doll is top-quality for an individual who loves the characters of the series, and also becomes a first rate addition to your home decor, as an action figure, she is confident and powerful, with a bright and quirky personality. Whether you are hunting to give her a badge of courage and the right to cross other planets, or a place to sit on your desk, she grants got a fantastic solution for you! She effortless to hold and moves with the motion of the characters in the series, making her peerless for any statement! Her high-quality paper cake top also comes with a car decorating set, making her an excellent addition to your home decor, she is a doll you can use to br out the best in everyone she meets, and will make you happy just by being around her.